Vision and Mission of Elementos


Field Study Work

Elementos is dedicated to improving the well-being of vulnerable populations in harmony with the cultural diversity of communities. The organization focuses on improving the efficiency of public health programs and promoting sustainable community development.

In the field of Public Health, Elementos conducts research and evaluation to increase the impact of public programs aimed at improving child health. It provides consultancy and technical assistance for public health programs that are in accordance with local customs. Additionally, it implements pilot projects and health campaigns that utilize innovative technology and methods that can create a grand impact for child development.

In the field of Sustainable Development, Elementos works to influence public and private policies to promote human rights and protect environmental rights. It conducts research to better understand the local conditions of vulnerable populations and ecosystems created by climate change. It also provides counseling to communities for informed decision-making regarding the use of their natural resources for a conscious and clean local economy.

Elementos is committed to working for a healthy and sustainable future, for this reason, we work to build partnerships and provide support to organizations and individuals that, like us, want to create the change.

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